by Cistem Failure

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We are removed from that which we put inside our bodies. These rooms that we lock ourselves into are dizzyingly sterile, white and smelling of containment. Of course we have lost the memory of mud between our toes, of the swaying trees and the singing of the birds that live in them.

These headlights root us to the spot as the spectacle unfolds around us. Our desires are buried in muffled shells. Only when we start to have conversations again with ourselves and the natural world around us, will we find reconnection and healing.

This album has been our attempt to connect, and to address feelings of alientation and powerlessness.

We are so grateful to everyone that has moved us, inspired us, loved us and taught us, as individuals and as a band. Thanks to those that have welcomed us, made us tea, and put us up in so many places. There is such a importance in free spaces that we can experiment, grow, play and resist in together.

Thanks to Paper Jam for printing this beautiful booklet.
Thanks to Klaas for recording this album with us, and playing a big part in the manifestation of this project.
Thanks to Riotska records, and all the people that put up with our chaos and our ever changing plans.

And a shout out to everyone who, whether through spoken or written word, or through acts of passion, push their ideas and critiques forward, and actualise their desires for freedom. ­


released May 29, 2017




Cistem Failure

We are a anarchist feminist band, we like Nature, Fire and Chips. we dont like Sterile, Civil, Rooms of Dooommmm!

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Track Name: Desert
waiting, anticipating, biding our time until it will fall,
all the preoccupies my mind, is to feel these chains and ropes unwind,
is to see these towers of distorted existence crumble

The desert is forming
the system's collapsing
the tables are turning
the cities are burning

abandon futile ideas of hope,
let fear become courage in these times of despair
my desires are buried in a muffled shell.
alienated, domesticated
what's stagnant will rot,
whats stagnant will rot!

Do you feel safer, when everything is captured by the light
do you feel safer, when all of our movements are magnified?

All i really want is a truly dark night,
All i really want is a truly dark night
Track Name: Anywhere But Here
There's no way back out of this
I feel overcome with panic
With anger that has no body
I clench my fists and wail
We are barely surviving when our minds our consumed by despair
We can no longer be untouched by this

I see the van parked down the end of the street
Our hearts race, instinct screaming
I hear a siren and I want to run
Be anywhere but here

I feel the cameras scrutiny and i try to disappear
Into a place that no longer exsts in my mind
A Place where we lived without fear
Their hands not yet imprinted upon our skin
We hold each other but it's so hard to not give in

Their metal hands on my body
The sound of their voices are deafening
The cold of the steel and those four white walls
Are tearing at my mind and i'm trapped wihtin

So many people trapped and they cannot get out
Won't be trapped
Well we won't be trapped we are breaking our way out
Won't be trapped
And I won't be trapped!
Track Name: Mountains
These mountains that have always been
Are vibrating and the air is filled with the sound of machines
The stars will never shine bright
The stars will never shine bright
The stars will never shine bright with a glow
With a glow of a city nearby

Nothing is intact, everything is broken taken or claimed
Nothing is intact everything is broken taken or claimed
Pre-designed paths, artificial living
All is made of plastic in a blurred reality
Pre-designed paths, artificial living
All is made of plastic in a blurred realty

This death is called civilization
Its genocide and extermination
This wilderness is domesticated
This wilderness is domesticated

Nothing is as real as the seasons that will change
But we surround ourselves with the things that machines made
We're disconnected from a world we should trust
But what does it take to get really lost

What does it take to get really lost?
What does it take to get really lost?
Track Name: A Bigger Cage Is Still A Prison
From the window I see the mountains
They roll like tidal waves across the horizon
The rain cascades down
Like lava it consumes everything on its journey to the bottom
From the window I hear the aching groaning wind
It forces its way through the cracks onto my skin
I long to climb out , to be swept up in its wrath
But I can't break through the bars that keep me in

There's nothing i want more then to sleep under a night sky
Hear the animals as they go about their lives
Feel a fire warm my body, feel the mud under my toes
But tonight this cell keeps me enclosed

The trees form a secret green embrace
Their arms beckoning to swallow me whole
I want to climb over these rooftops
And over these fences
And escape to the places none of these guards would go

Sitting here I prepare myself for the future
When instead of one month I could be here for years
Would I lose hope, would i take my life
Or would we find a way to break ourselves out of here?

For if we don't have our freedom if we are captured by their iron hands
Then the vision for fire it burns so much more bright
There's no justice in this system
A bigger cage is still a prison
Well I hope that somewhere someone breaks free tonight
Track Name: Disconnected
When somebody dies theres a light in their eyes
That suddenly ceases to exist
A whole world once glowing
Vibrant and breathing
blacked out like a solar eclipse

The lights go past, as you're lost in the mist
As you lie in your last resting place
The road it shakes, it never stops
No one even notices your grave

Who is entitled to walk on this earth
How do we decide another one's worth

Wherever we go death follows us home
In the shops in the kitchen in the street
Oppression on display
discount on murder
We're all commodities, disposable pieces of meat
Track Name: Gone
There's blood in your veins
It pumps through your heart
Your voice it is distant
You shake you fall apart
There's blood in your veins
It floats through your brain
Your face it moves different
Will never be the same

And I keep telling myself that it was not my fault
I keep telling myself that it was not my fault
I can never take it back, I can never take it back
I can never take it back, i can never take it back

I cannot erase the town we were in
The things that we said
The people we have been
You always told me I don't know what its like
To be truly hurt
No hope to hide behind

Afraid to be truthful afraid to be loved
Afraid of the distance growing between us
Was I selfish, was I too late?
Were we abusive, what mess did we make?

Words are spoken, trust is broken
Words are spoken, trust is broken

I felt you were holding me down, but I didn't know that you might drown
I can never take it back
Track Name: I Wander
I'm going, and I won't stop
I wanna reach around the mountain top
I wanna go where the cold wind blows
I want to see to where this forest grows

I wander, I wander

I'll follow the trail of the moon
Morning coming way too soon
With the sun I'll walk the land
Knife and compass in my hand

Am I aimless, am I restless
Or am I just drawn to the road
Am I lost, what pulled me to leave
Is this the path of growth

I wander, I wander
Track Name: Get Your Hands Off Of Them
You little heart beating too fast for your body
You panic cause you sense its time to die
There's others around you and they can feel it too
You try to escape but there's no room to run or fly
In the clutches of the machines meant for killing
You struggle but the force is just too strong
And in the moments that follow your precious life is ended
In the name of convenience and consumption

We are not entitled to your bodies
To the fur and the skin that keeps you warm
Your milk is for your babies
Your eggs should not be forced
We must see that your life is yours

We treat you as our slaves to do our bidding our entertaining
Then murder you when you're no longer of use
We put you through the pain of existence when you're the victims
Of our aggressions, our hte nad our abuse
We cut you up we burn you we tamper with your brain
To further scientific research
We skin you alive and sell you for the highest price
To be paraded on the catwalks of the earth

We do not have the right to own you
To decide what kind of life you're going to live
And yet the chains that we have tightened around your necks
Must be cut for our reign to finish

Get your hands off of them
Get your teeth out of them

They're not yours to abuse
They're not yours to control
They're not yours to eat
They are their own animals

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